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Accommodation in London

Where you choose to live is a central part of your study abroad experience. We have a variety of accommodation options to suit your lifestyle, budget and needs. Whether you would like to live with other students in a residence, or prefer to experience daily life with a homestay, our range of accommodation options ensures you find the perfect home away from home.


In a homestay you will live with local English speakers, and experience an authentic lifestyle. You will live as your hosts live, eat what they eat and spend time at home together. Many students enjoy the homecooked food and extra feeling of security in a homestay.

Speak English all the time

Staying with local people means you will practise your English with native speakers at home in a very natural way.

Cultural experience

Learn more about the local culture and be exposed to a rich variety of cultural learning opportunities. Experience day-to-day family life: activities, holiday celebrations and local cuisine.

Feel safe and secure

Get personal care and attention in a caring, comfortable, home environment. Staying in a home means you always have someone there to support you.

Peace and quiet

Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere at home. Living with your host will give you stability, plus a quiet and peaceful environment for relaxation and study.

Host family cennik

Experience life in a British home getting to know the local culture and customs. We work with trusted and experienced providers offering accommodation in line with British Council and English UK guidelines.

  • A great opportunity to enhance your English
  • Families selected through trusted agents
  • All families experienced at caring for EFL students
  • Located in the local area


Live with other EC students from all over the world. Whether you would like to stay in a residence with other English learners or alone in an apartment, our range of accommodation options ensures you find the perfect home away from home.

Be independent

Staying with other students means you have more freedom. It’s a good choice if you enjoy your independence and privacy.

Make new friends

Get to know a lot of people in a short time. Meet interesting people from many different countries. Explore your destination with like-minded people and make friends for life!

Fun atmosphere

Staying with other students means there’s always someone for you to talk too. Residences often have lively atmospheres suitable for anyone who loves socialising.

Convenient for public transport

Our accommodation options are convenient for public transport making it straightforward for you to get to school.

McMilan cennik

The McMillan Student Village is located within walking distance of the school and Greenwich town centre. Key amenities such as supermarkets and transport routes are also within a few minutes’ walk. McMillan offers a wonderful environment in which to study, relax and make new friends.

Rooms & facilities
  • Spacious en-suite bedrooms
  • Studio room with kitchenettes
  • Set within an extensive student village
  • 24-hour security
  • Internet access available
  • 10 minutes’ walk to UIC Greenwich

ClockTower cennik

The Clocktower is situated in the centre of Greenwich, right next to the school, and close to many shops, banks, restaurants and cafes. The house is very bright, spacious and modern and it was completely refurbished in May 2011. There is a lovely kitchen area over-looking Greenwich High Road and the Clocktower market. There are bus stops directly outside. Cutty Sark DLR, Greenwich DLR and Greenwich Railway Station are only a 5 minute walk away.

Rooms are en suite or standard. There are self catering facilities and the bathroom ratio for the non en suite rooms is 1:3 or 1:5. A TV and DVD playerare available in the kitchen.  Bed linen is provided and communal areas are cleaned on a regular basis.


  • Unlimited free Wi-Fi Internet access
  • Study desk and chair
  • Linen provided
  • Weekly cleaning of communal areas
  • TV and DVD player in the kitchen
  • Fully equipped shared kitchen

Superior shared house cennik

Our shared student houses are really cosy and comfortable, where our students can meet other international students from different schools. Spread across 2-3 floors, each property has 5-7 bedrooms, some of which have en-suite bathroom facilities. There are single rooms as well as twin and triple rooms for sharing between students of the same gender.

  • Shared lounge with TV, Hi-Fi and DVD player
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet access
  • All utility bills included
  • Fully equipped shared kitchen
  • Washing machine, microwave, fridge and freezer
  • Study desk and chair
  • Weekly cleaning of communal areas
  • Linen provided

Ryecroft cennik

Ryecroft House is located in a residential area in Lewisham, about a 10 minute walk from Lewisham station and a short journey to UIC English Greenwich. The house is recently refurbished, very bright, spacious and modern. It offers 5 rooms and students are provided with the choice between self-catering and bed & breakfast. The house manager, Tony, lives in the area with his wife and will be there to welcome students and to help with anything they might need. Lewisham High Street, full of shops, cafes and restaurants is also very close by.


  • Single, double and twin rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet access
  • Study desk and chair
  • Linen provided
  • Daily cleaning of communal areas
  • Fully equipped shared kitchen
  • Laundry facilities available






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Presvedč nás o tom, že práve Ty si to najviac zaslúžiš. Napíš nám prečo práve Ty máš dostať jazykový kurz na Malte zadarmo. Zapoj svoju predstavivosť, kreativitu, individualitu či seba prezentáciu a presvedč nás!

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