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EC Oxford

Study English in this world-famous university city

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EC Oxford

Study English in this world-famous university city

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EC Oxford

Study English in this world-famous university city

EC Oxford

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Learn English in Oxford

Oxford is known worldwide as a university town and home of the University of Oxford, the oldest university in the English-speaking world. In addition to the university's beautiful colleges and museums, Oxford offers an exciting selection of restaurants, cafes shops and entertainment. 

At the heart of this ancient and enchanting city, you will find the airy, spacious and ultra-modern EC Oxford. Ideal for both short English course and long-term study, you will always find comfort, a pleasant atmosphere and a perfect learning environment at this beautiful school.

Our students come from all over the world, meaning you will communicate with your classmates using English. You will also learn about different cultures, broaden your perspectives and make lasting friendships as you practice and improve your language skills together.

If you’re looking for a taste of why Oxford is such a magnificent city, then you have come to the right place. Find out what makes Oxford famous, take a look at some of its popular sights and discover how to spend your time in and around the city. 

Lisa Fitzgerald
Centre Director at EC Oxford
EC Oxford, Threeways House, Gloucester Green, Oxford, OX1 2BT, UK

School: +44 (0) 1865203743



Movie Afternoon

Watch and discuss a movie with other students.

Oxford Walking Tour

Explore Oxford with other students and staff.

Games Afternoon

A fun afternoon of games for everyone to enjoy.

EC Party

A fun night out with students and staff.

Please note: All activities are subject to change without notice and may be offered seasonally.

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15 Modern classrooms
Free Wi-Fi
Student Computers
Interactive whiteboards
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Self study area
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Student launge
lecture series

Lecture Series

Practise listening and note-taking skills in a real-life setting with a teacher or another ntive English speaker

Pronunciation Clinic

Choose from ‘general’ pronunciation clinics for all students and clinics targeted at specific accents.

Conversation Class

Join a group conversation with a teacher or native English speaker to discuss an issue of interest.

Careers Services

Receive help and guidence on areas including CV and convering letter prepration, assistance and advice on job searching in the UK, university and further education.




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