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London - Royal Holloway

19th June - 14th August 2017

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London - Royal Holloway

19th June - 14th August 2017

OI Royal Holloway

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Become a Royal

London but not London! The Royal Holloway campus, dominated by gothic grandeur of the Founders Building, is set in 135 acres of parkland and situated 30km from Central London. It was founded in 1879 initially as a women-only college. At our Royal Holloway summer school, students get the chance to experience life at one of the UK’s top universities.


  • Three excursions to London by train including ‘Politics and Royalty’ walking tour and visits to British Museum, National Gallery and Kensington museums
  • Exciting sunset boat disco on the River Thames
  • Full day excursion to Oxford with walking tour and entrance to a University of Oxford College
  • Full day excursion to Brighton with walking tour, entrance to Sea Life and time to explore Brighton Pier and beach
  • Half day to Egham with Instagram Challenge around the town
  • Diverse onsite activity programme including varied British Sports, tailored art workshops and fun team challenges
Egham Hill,
Egham TW20 0EX, UK
Egham Hill,
Egham TW20 0EX, UK

Junior Programmes

At Oxford International Junior Programmes we pride ourselves for our unique onsite activities and exciting excursions. We believe that language learning doesn’t stop when students leave the classroom and encourage students to fully immerse themselves in British culture, evening activities and socialising. Students are able to practice their spoken English, make friends and improve their communication skills as they interact with the variety of nationalities on campus.

Whole Campus Activities

No residential programme would be complete without the ‘favourites’. Every week we offer a variety of whole campus activities including discos, karaoke, talent shows, international nights, quiz nights and treasure hunts. In addition to the more ‘high energy’ activities we will be offering a more relaxed environment called ‘Chill Club’. Here students can rest, unwind, watch films, play board games and socialise after a busy day in lessons or out on an excursion.


At Oxford International Junior Programmes we understand that not everyone loves sport! For this reason we introduced our ‘workshop’ sessions to our 2016 programmes. The workshop sessions will focus in on specific skills and hobbies and give students the opportunity to show off their creativity. Just some of the workshops we will be offering in 2017 are dance, drama, fashion, fine art, jewellery making, comic strip designing, photography, self portrait and singing.


Our recruitment team are busy recruiting qualified sports coaches and enthusiasts to run our wide range of sporting activities. Alongside the more typical sports such as football, volleyball and basketball, students will be able to try some brand new sports in 2017 including handball, tag rugby, yoga, Zumba, Traditional British Sports and cricket. Also after the success of last years ‘athletics/running club’ we will again be providing the opportunity for early birds to go for a morning jog.



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