English and French

English and French - Bilingual Programme

Learn English and French in Montreal

English and French

Immerse yourself in the cosmopolitan culture and two languages of beautiful Montreal, the world's largest bilingual city. 

This course allows you to study both English and French in unique surroundings, and with exceptional flexibility.

Reasons to take this course

  • You want to stay with a French- or English-speaking family on a homestay
  • You want to mix with both English and French speakers
  • You want to improve your English and French


Available All year
Lesson length 45 minutes
Intensity 24/30 lessons per week (18/22.5 hours); 30 lessons (20 lessons of General English plus 4/6/10 Special Focus Classes)
Level All levels
Length Minimum 1 week
Starts Every Monday


One course, two languages

Om this course you will learn two languages at once. When you go outside into one of the most exciting cities in the world, you can practise your English, French, or both!

Choose your focus

You decide how you want to study.

You can take either 24 or 30 lessons per week, and choose between English or French as your primary focus.

English or French homestay

Choose Homestay as your accommodation and you can stay with a French- or English-speaking family. Like so many things on this flexible course, the choice is yours!

Prispôsobenie kurzu

Je len na vás, či si za svoj hlavný jazyk zvolíte francúzštinu alebo angličtinu.

FromGlobe Guaratee

Study with FromGlobe and we guarantee that your English will improve. It's a promise.

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