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English for Academic Purposes

Skills for Higher Education success

English for Academic Purposes

English for Academic Purposes has been designed to prepare you thoroughly for higher education in the USA. The linguistic, academic and cultural skills taught on this course will help you achieve your goals and enter your chosen university course with confidence and proficiency.

This course will lay the groundwork for an enriching cultural experience in the United States and on an American campus, all of which will help you to settle and integrate more quickly in life at university.

Reasons to take this course

  • You want to study with serious students in a focused, academic environment
  • You want to boost your chances of furthering your education in the USA
  • You want to learn the skills to help you succeed in an academic context
  • You want access to amazing university facilities
Available All year
Lesson length 45 minutes
Level All levels
Starts Every Monday
Minimum age 17
Minimum stay 4 weeks
Class size Average students 12 (Max 17)
Timetable Lessons may alternate between morning and afternoon sessions on a daily basis


Serious environment

The classroom environment mirrors that of a university to prepare you for the style of classes you can expect there. You will be exposed to a variety of teaching methods, and the standards and expectations you will face at university. You will also benefit from the attentiveness and support of a school fully focused on international students.

Targeted lessons

Our lessons are interactive, interesting and student-centered to ensure you remain highly motivated throughout your time with us. Through our integrated syllabus, you will become familiar and comfortable with the types of courses, assignments and other academic situations you will face when studying at an American university.

Cultural studies

To be a successful student in the US requires a developed awareness of the culture. You will learn about accents, diversity, social dos and don’ts, idiomatic language and other important cultural issues. All of this will help you become a more effective student and classmate at university.

Academic English

You will develop all the skills needed to use English in an appropriate way during university or college. You will improve in all areas—reading, writing, speaking and listening—to ensure you are prepared for life in your chosen university or college. Important skills such as creating and giving formal presentations, writing essays, summarizing, critiquing academic texts and far more, will be yours.

FromGlobe Guaratee

Study with FromGlobe and we guarantee that your English will improve. It's a promise.

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