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English for Global Career Development

Launch into business success

Global Career Development

Learn English while you identify your perfect career path, gather insights from business leaders and authentic contexts, and receive tangible outcomes to validate your development. This programme will give you a solid foundation for professional success.

This exclusive programme is available in three classic destinations and divided over three terms. As you raise your English level, each term prepares you for a different cornerstone of career success: essential business skills, personal focus and real professional experience.

Within each term, you will acquire new English language skills while engaging with a group of focused, likeminded students and authentic business people. You will develop key professional skills and a working understanding of many different corporate concepts and situations.

By the end of the programme, you will have gained:

  • an advanced level of English
  • an employer reference
  • an online professional profile highlighting your achievements and abilities
  • an increased international network

Knowledge + Focus + Action

Choose this course if you want

  • to develop your career prospects
  • to learn directly from local business people and real-life situations
  • a good understanding of business concepts
Course length 24 weeks (8 weeks per term)
Lesson length 45 minutes
Lessons per week 30 (20 General English, 10 Global Career Development)
Minimum Age 18


Term 1: Business Essentials

Learn English while gaining valuable in-depth insights into the key parts of a company and the secrets to what makes it thrive.

Each week of this term will focus on a different area of the world of business, such as ‘Mission Planning: Setting a Company Vision’, ‘Using Customer Feedback’ and ‘The Product Development Cycle’. You will learn directly from industry experts through authentic case studies and lectures.

During this term you will:

  • Examine areas such as strategic planning, finance, HR, digital marketing, and operations
  • Learn about real-life business situations through authentic case studies
  • Engage directly with local professionals

Minimum level: Intermediate

Starts: 9 January, 3 July, 4 September

Term 2: Find Your Focus

This term is all about you. Develop your language skills while planning your career and your professional future.

EC has partnered with the organisation RoadTrip Nation, specialists in empowering individuals to find their path in life. In this term you will use cutting-edge profiling techniques to determine your perfect career, identify and interview local leaders in the field, and create a profile to begin your own journey.

During this term you will:

  • Discover the ideal career for you through research and profiling
  • Interview and film local experts explaining how to turn a passion into a career
  • Practise the professional skills of cold-calling, interviewing, and presenting

Minimum level: Intermediate

Starts: 6 March, 4 September, 30 October

Term 3: Career Skills in Action

Use your English language and put your professional skills to use in an authentic business context.

During this term you will be actively involved with a local enterprise, as you develop and implement a project to transform a business idea into reality. Your project could include designing, marketing and running an event, establishing and executing a customer service strategy, or digital awareness building.

During this term you will:

  • See an authentic professional project through from conception to completion
  • Create an online digital portfolio showcasing your work
  • Refine your networking skills as you engage directly with the local business community

Minimum level: Pre-Advanced

Starts: 9 January, 8 May, 30 October, 8 January, 2018

Dlhodobý pobyt

Flexibilita našich učiteľov a výhoda menšej triedy pre vás znamená že dosiahnete svoje ciele rýchlejšie. Množstvo príležitostí o zapojenie sa do diania zlepší váš reakčný čas, čo je pre plynulosť hlavným cieľom. Komplexné dlhodobé štúdium je síce náročné na čas ale určite prinesie svoje ovocie. V dnešnom svete kde angličtina je jazyk v obchodných vzťahov, je potrebné ho ovládať nie len orálne ale aj písomne.

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